The European Union Association (EU Association), promotes a better understanding of EU priorities among EU’s international parties and policies around the globe and at the United Nations.

The European Union Association has been granted Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in 2012 and it works to help raise global awareness about various global economic, social, and civil rights issues through events held at the United Nations Headquarters.

These events are usually organized in cooperation with various partners including EU representative institutions, EU Member States Countries, NGOs, Academic Experts, Civil Rights Activist, and the Division for Social Policy and Development (DSPD) under the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA).

The European Union Association also works in cooperation with the EU Delegation to the United Nations, EU Delegations to the United States,  EU member states representative offices, EU partners around the world, and the members of the UN Family of Nations within the UN General Assembly and Security Council.


The first groups of European Union Citizen activists founded the European Business Forum at New York University in 1987. In 1996 the EU Students Association was founded at NYU and in 2000 the EU Association was incorporated as a non-governmental organization in North America.

The European Union Association has been a US Non-Profit Organization devoted in the cause of global cooperation for more than 20 years.

Giuseppe Sergi

Giuseppe Sergi a co-founder of the European Union Association along with Julia Kupchik.

Giuseppe was also a co-founder together with Julia Kupchik of the European Union Students Association at New York University in 1996.

Giuseppe has been actively promoting the development of an Independent European Union Civil Society presence in North America and at the United Nations for over 30 years.

He has also been among the first group of EU students who founded the European Business Forum at NYU GPA (now called European Business Society at Stern School of Business) in 1987.

Giuseppe has worked in the financial services industry at ABN-AMRO in New York and holds degrees in Management, International Business and Information Systems from New York University. He has also studied German and French in Munich Germany and Paris France.


Julia Kupchik

Julia is a co-founder along Giuseppe Sergi of the EU Association and co-founder of the European Students Association at New York University .

Julia is a successful businesswoman part of the original founding team a number of European Civil Society Representative Organizations in New York.

Gianfranco Rosini

In 1999, with his wife Delilah Gutman, he founded Rosini Gutman Collection.
From 1992 to 2011 he was the president of the Movement Artisticoculturale European Relations, MARE, whose mission was to create with art and culture, regenerative initiatives in order to obtain economic energy to support social and humanitarian projects.

For over thirty years he has been the recognized authority to certify the value of modern and contemporary art works for leading global insurance groups, and has been chosen as Auxiliary Technician by the  Police section of the Artistic Heritage of Bologna.

In 2016 as the General Director of Rosini Gutman Foundation he had the honor to present and be a partner in the UN celebrations of the twentieth anniversary of Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) at the UN Headquarters in New York presenting the Art Project “ReStArt”.

Since September of 2016 was granted the title of V.P. /Director of Art and Culture for the EUUN & ASEM-UN Network NGO’s.

Akeel Haider

Akeel Haider is our Advisor for Middle Eastern Affairs. He is also a seasoned digital marketing expert helping brands with their integrated marketing strategies and campaigns.
Akeel has a deep understanding of Middle Eastern geopolitical affairs and has been an active member of the EU Association since 2007.
Akeel holds a Master’s Degree in Information Systems from George Mason University and is currently the Director of Audience Marketing at Sparkroom.

Richard Gabai

Richard Gabai, a citizen of EU Member State France, is Vice President of EurAsian Affairs.
Richard has extensive experience in both social and economic relations
with particular emphasis within the European and Asian corporate world.
In 2016 Richard was the chief coordinator for the celebrations of the 20th Anniversary of the Asia-Europe Meeting
at the United Nations under the leadership of the Mongolian ASEM11 Chairmanship, more info at: www.asem11.info


Contact details for the European office of the European Union Association:
Associazione Unione Europea/European Union Association
e-mail: info@euun.org

EU Association European Chapter.

Raffaele Pelliccia

Raffaele Pelliccia coordinates the EU Association European team, he has been cooperating with the EU Association since 2007 across various fields such as economics, finance and membership services. He has over 3 years of experience in the treasury and financial sector working for LVMH, CNR and Fiat Finance & Trade. Raffaele holds an MBA from Kelley School of Business Indiana University/Stern University and an MSC from Bocconi University in Milan. He has also collaborated with the Ministry of Research and Universities in Rome to develop methodologies for financial restructuring and value creation. The research was published in the “International Journal of Business Process Integration and Management”. Raffaele is currently based in Luxemburg and is responsible for the European Chapter of the European Union Association.

Hans-Jörg C. Schneider-Hartwig

Dr. Schneider-Hartwig is one of the original founding fathers of what are now the European Union Association and the European Business Society at New York University Stern School of Business.
Dr. Schneider -Hartwig is currently the EU Association representative in Berlin capital of the EU Member State Federal Republic of Germany .

Francesco Rizzo Marullo
Legal Advisor International Affairs: (Associazione Unione Europea)

Francesco Rizzo Marullo is an Italian tax attorney who specializes in International Taxation, with more than 10 years of experience. He holds an LL.M in International Tax from the University of Florida and is the author of various tax-related articles for some of the most prestigious Italian law and financial magazines. Currently he is  counsel, in Boston, for the Italian law firm Lexacta.

Carlo Carrozza
Legal Advisor

Carlo Carrozza is part of the legal team of the Associazione Unione Europea/European Union Association, Carlo is an European Union supporter.
His law firm main office is based in the City of Messina, host city to the first steps towards the birth of the European Union
with the Conference of Messina of 1955
eventually followed by the Treaties of Rome 2 year later

Other Associates

Roy Orlando

Roy Orlando is Vice President of Event Planning for the EU Association European Chapter, he has been an active supporter of the EU Civil Socitey in Italy since 1991 when he helped organize an important
cultural exchange between Italy and Asia at Taormina Arte 91.

European Civil Society first Pivot to Asia 20 years before today’s frenzy. He has always been an enthusiast promoter of good EU-Asia and other global partners exchanges and relations.

Salvo Di Bella

PSalvo has joined the EU Association team in 2010.
He is responsible for the marketing and communication strategy.

He holds special interest in UN principles and priorities.

Alessandro Lupini

Sandro has joined the EU Association team in 2010, he is on charge of Eastern European Affairs , public relations and outreach projects.

Apart from the above the EU Association team cooperates with a large number of New York professionals, dignitaries, academics and students that provide valuable input in delivering its activities.

Openings with the European Union Association

The EU Association invites volunteers to participate with its committees and boards.

Opportunities currently exist with the fundraising, newsletter/blog editing and event organization activities.

Please contact us for more information on how to contribute to a world of strong multinational cooperation while at the same time taking advantage of networking, recruiting, and business development opportunities.

You may inquire about opportunities to cooperate with us at info@euun.org. We welcome your interest in our mission statement.